Why Children Need to Play Outside — Even in the Winter Months

by Rodney Hogan on January 21, 2015

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, most parents have
absolutely no problems sending their children outside to play. Why?
Because we all know that playing outside is good for our kids, but for a lot
of us, playing outside means that we can actually get a few things done
inside without being distracted. Perhaps, this is why so many people
dread the winter months.
The weather changes from warm and sunny to cold and “dreary,” which
means that the kids can’t go outside and play, right? Wrong! While your
intentions may be a little off, it is still necessary for children to go outside and play – even in the winter
months. No, it’s not just so you can get stuff done, but there are a lot of other “real” benefits for your children
when they play outside. Below you will find several of them.

Builds Up their Immune System

Provides Exercise

Stimulates the Imagination

It Promotes Problem Solving Skills

It Provides Vitamin D

Take you children outside!

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