Physical Activity

by Rodney Hogan on October 15, 2014

Regular physical activity helps children grow strong and healthy, build muscles and bones, develop vital motor skills, and even improve their immune systems.  As kids get older, it can be a challenge to get sufficient daily exercise, due to the increasing demands of school and hectic family schedules. But, when growing children don’t get enough physical activity, they’re at increased risk for:

  • unhealthIMG_3961y body weight and increased blood pressure
  • diabetes and cardiovascular disease
  • decreased academic performance
  • poor self-image and decreased confidence levels

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Playground Rules – IV

by Rodney Hogan on October 8, 2014

Social Interaction:  Time spent on the playground is essential to helping children develop positive socialOld School Playground Games skills.  Playground rules that facilitate healthy social interaction among students include taking turns and resolving conflicts in an appropriate manner, such as using “rock, paper, scissors” to determine who will go first during play.  Another important rule that many elementary school playgrounds may use is “no lock-outs,” which means that no child may be locked out of any activity.

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Playground Rules – III

October 1, 2014

Playground Games –  Many playgrounds offer games such as basketball, kickball and four square.  As some children may be unfamiliar with how to play these games, rules are often provided by teaching staff, in an official school document or on the school’s website.  Rules that are common among these sports may include the number of […]

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Playground Rules – II

September 17, 2014

Play Structure – Kids may be instructed to count to a designated number while playing on a swing to ensure fairness among everyone who wishes to participate in this activity.  On monkey bars, students may be required to proceed one at a time, and may not be permitted to swing upside down on this equipment.  […]

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Playground Rules – I

September 10, 2014

Safety – Keeping the rules simple, general safety rules for elementary school playgrounds include no participation in contact sports, no playing tag in the playground area and no climbing on equipment that is not intended for climbing.  Some elementary schools enforce dress codes to keep children safe, such as no flip flops or open-toed and […]

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Playground Rules

September 5, 2014

It’s important for children to engage in physical activity throughout the day and recess for elementary school students not only improves academic performance, but also helps to combat childhood obesity.  Many schools provide parents, teachers and students with a list of playground rules that keeps children safe, and encourages them to learn new skills.  Information […]

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Have a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend

August 29, 2014

Playtime would like to wish everyone across the country a great Labor Day weekend!  We hope you have a great holiday weekend spending time with friends and family, go outside and enjoy your local parks and playgrounds!

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Choosing the Right Playground Equipment

August 20, 2014

Outdoor playtime is a vital part of children’s physical and mental development which is why it’s important to select the right playground equipment for your playground.  The equipment installed on your playground should encourage kids to be physically active and should include accessible options for children with special needs. Whether you’re looking to replace a […]

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Creative Recess Games to Play (3)

August 13, 2014

One more back to school recess game to try! Sausage  Love to laugh? Round up your friends for this language-inspired game that will keep you giggling for hours.  Object: The player in the middle of the circle needs to refrain from laughing. All players sit around in a circle, except the “it” player who stands […]

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Back To School (2)

August 6, 2014

Add this game to your list of back to school creative recess games. Captain, May I?  Gather three or more of your friends and exercise your mind and listening skills with this interactive playground game.  Object: To be the first player to cross the line and become Captain. One player is chosen as Captain. The […]

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