Unique Playgrounds – 5

by Rodney Hogan on March 27, 2015

The Alexander W. Kemp Playground in Cambridge, Mass., is a newly renovated play space located in the center of Cambridge Common.

The new playground is based on the idea of free play, creating opportunities for kids to follow their imaginations. Enter through its tall iron gates and you’ll find nine interconnected play spaces, all ADA accessible and full of age-appropriate playground equipment (for ages 2 to 12). The playground is a series of hills and valleys with sand, branches and other loose organic material such as giant wooden blocks to encourage building, and is built with reclaimed wood and other eco-friendly materials.

There are climbing nets, wooden dragon boats, fountains, swings, slides carved into hills, a seesaw designed for multiple kids to use together and a special ground-level carousel-like round-a-bout for kids who use wheelchairs (and their able-bodied friends).

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Unique Playgrounds -4

by Rodney Hogan on March 18, 2015

Red Lodge, Mont., is the gateway to Yellowstone Park, but it’s in Lion’s Club Park where you’ll find the Moose Trails Playground. Moose Trails is split into two age-appropriate play spaces: The playground is for kids ages 5 to 12 and there’s a tot lot for the little ones. Moose Trails has a variety of slides, including a double slide and a tube slide, an impressive rock climbing wall, a wooden teepee, a train tunnel, a musical area and areas to showcase public art.

The greater park also offers horseshoe pits, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, and in the wintertime, has a skating rink.

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Unique Playgrounds – 3

March 11, 2015

Santa Monica’s Douglas Park used to be a reservoir, and if you’re not looking closely you may not see the playground beyond the bocce grounds. The park, which is the size of a city block, is filled with ponds and streams. The playground caters to the little kid crowd. It’s surrounded by sand and the […]

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Unique Playgrounds – 2

March 4, 2015

There’s truth in advertising when it comes to Adventure Playground in Berkeley, Calif., — this playground truly is an adventure. Kids visiting this playground should be prepared to build things: The play space is filled with plywood and board buildings (shanties, boats, forts, towers, bridges, you name it) that were constructed by kids with supervision, […]

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Unique Playgrounds – 1

February 25, 2015

Clemyjontri Park (Fairfax County, VA) is a colorful, 18-acre playground built with all kids in mind. It’s the largest outdoor play space built where able-bodied and disabled kids can play side-by-side. The playground is divided into four sections called outdoor “rooms.” The “Fitness and Fun” quad is set up for track and field play. The […]

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A Playground to Have Fun…and Learn

February 18, 2015

When most people think of a playground, they connect it with having fun.  But the playground is also a good place to learn important lessons, like sharing, cooperating (think seesaw) and waiting your turn (waiting on a swing).  It also promotes regular exercise and social interaction. Children learn to cooperate in games, sharing the toys, […]

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Have Fun, Play Safe

February 11, 2015

There are a few things to keep in mind to make sure kids stay safe on the playground.  Some of these may be obvious, but it never hurts to have a reminder. First, and most importantly, kids should always be supervised by an adult while using playground equipment.  Often, kids can’t foresee dangerous circumstances or […]

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Unrestricted outdoor play boosts exercise levels in children

February 6, 2015

Canadian researchers say children who were permitted to play and explore outdoors exhibited greater physical-activity levels compared with counterparts who were more closely supervised.  The findings appear in Urban Studies.

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Make Your Playground More Fun

January 28, 2015

If kids have lost interest in your school’s playground, it may be time to reevaluate its fun factor.  Figuring out whether children are enjoying themselves can be as simple as watching them. Does your playground have room for fantasy — does it offer kids a way to play that’s unscripted, or is the equipment used […]

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Why Children Need to Play Outside — Even in the Winter Months

January 21, 2015

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, most parents have absolutely no problems sending their children outside to play. Why? Because we all know that playing outside is good for our kids, but for a lot of us, playing outside means that we can actually get a few things done inside without […]

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