Back To School

by Rodney Hogan on July 30, 2014

Run and laugh straight into the new school year with this creative recess game you and your friends can enjoy.  Going back to school doesn’t mean putting an end to summer fun. You can get creative in the playground during recess with a slew of games that will get you running, playing, thinking and laughing well into the school year. Forget hopscotch and jump rope. Gather your friends and teach them new tricks that will make the start of the school year more amusing than ever.

Rainbow Tag   Put a colorful spin on traditional tag with this easy-to-learn playground game that has kids calling out colors like crazy! The game works best with large groups of six or more. Whether you love red, purple, orange or green, everyone will find a way to call out their favorite colors in this soon-to-be playground favorite.

 Back to SchoolObject: To run from one side of the playground to the other without being tagged.

  1. Split up and stand on opposite sides of the playground—within hearing distance of one another, but with enough room to run.
  2. One or several players can start out as “It” and select a color. Any players wearing that color must cross the playing field while the other players in the center attempt to tag them.
  3. Anyone who is tagged becomes part of the center. Every time a new player joins the center, the group decides on a new color and calls it out.
  4. The group in the center can decide to shout “rainbow,” which means that all colors are included and all untagged players must run toward the opposite side.
  5. The game continues until all players have been tagged. The last player left is the winner.

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Tips For Raising Resilient Children

by Rodney Hogan on July 23, 2014

How can we help children develop the skills they need to bounce back from life’s obstacles?  Let the children play!

Play is an important building block for resiliency.  It helps our children to:

  • Build a sense of early autonomy.
  • Develop a sense of control in their world.
  • Stimulate cognitive, emotional and social development.
  • Build social connectedness.
  • Think creatively.
  • Solve problems.
  • Negotiate.
  • Persist through trial and error.
  • Develop an authentic sense of self.
  • Play encourages children to immerse themselves in a task.
  • Build healthy imaginations.
  • Develop flexible thinking.
  • Vigorous play helps diffuse excess energy, emotions and stimulate “feel good” chemicals in the body.
  • Games help build emotional competence like learning to lose, to wait your turn, to concentrate and to finish things off.

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Playing in Nature Builds Resilience

July 16, 2014

As children play in the natural world they play more creatively and there is better social cohesion, better problem solving, negotiation skills , deeper immersion in the play experience, with calmer, happier and less stressed children.   Yet more valuable reasons to “let the children play”!

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Outdoor Play is NOT A Waste of Time

July 9, 2014

When I play outside :   I take risk…I face challenges…I solve problems…I make choices…I belong…I learn about my world…I discover and explore…I experiment…I imagine…I create…I take responsibility…   I collaborate, communicate and co-operate…I lead…I can be noisy, messy and adventurous…I am independent…I am resilient…My body is strong…I learn about the natural world…I invent   [...]

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Happy 4th of July

July 3, 2014

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

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The Playground

June 25, 2014

The beauty of childhood is that each day begins and ends on your own personal playground.  That special place where all are welcome, and once you arrive, you never really have to ever leave.  The playground is what defines our restless innocent spirit and childhood.  Do you have a favorite place to play?  A special [...]

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Get the kids playing outside

June 18, 2014

Sending children outside to play may not only be healthier for them physically, but it may be better for them psychologically too.  A research project has made an important observation – children who play outside laugh more. They say that laughter is the best medicine and this may hold true for kids too.  Not only [...]

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The Benefits of Playing Outside for Children

June 11, 2014

Children playing outside experience a variety of benefits.  They’re more likely to be adventurous and open to new experiences than a child who lives life vicariously — parked in front of the television set.  Outdoor play fuels the imagination of children and teaches them how to be resourceful by creating their own entertainment.  It also bring them [...]

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Playgrounds – Laurence Alma-Tadema

May 28, 2014

In summer I am very glad We children are so small, For we can see a thousand things That men can’t see at all. They don’t know much about the moss And all the stones they pass: They never lie and play among The forests in the grass: They walk about a long way off; [...]

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At the Playground – William Stafford

May 21, 2014

Away down deep and away up high, a swing drops you into the sky. Back, it draws you away down deep forth it flings you in a sweep all the way to the stars and back –Goodbye, Jill:  Goodbye, Jack: shuddering climb wild and steep away up high, away down deep  

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